We are happy to welcome you on our outstanding, 800m long and 8m wide asphalted Budaring outdoor go-kart facility. The track's layout was once again redesigned for the 2016 season with twisted turns and long straights both suitable for learning and professional races.  In compliance with european safety regulations you can really push it to the limit whilst safe.  In order to give you a really enjoyable racing opportunity numerous reflectors are turned on at dusk to illuminate the whole track. Our lap timing system insures the accuracy of lap times upto 0.001s. Results, including best, average and last completed lap times are displayed on two HD monitors in the depot area.

Good luck and fair play to all participants! 




  1. The karts are used at your own risk
  2. Breaking the rules, can get you disqualified from the race immediately.
  3. Helmets must be worn at all times when you are on the track, including the depot.
  4. Under the influence of alcohol or any drugs you are forbidden to use the karts.
  5. It is strictly forbidden to unfasten your seat belt or to get out of the kart, except after the race and in the depot or instructed by a track marshal in case of a mechanical issue.
  6. You get immediately disqualified if you intentionally impact with someone else.
  7. Women under their pregnancy should not use the karts.
  8. It is forbidden to wear a scarf or slippers when using the karts.
  9. Never step on the brake and gas at the same time.
  10. Do not touch the rotating parts of the karts, the hot exhaust nor the engine.
  11. Do not move opposite to the running direction, do not turn around or stop.
  12. In case of sickness or a potential mechanical issue (puncture or loss of brake power)  attempt to get back to the depot and enter safely before stopping.
  13. If you break any of the above rules, the Titán-Karting Kft. (Budaring) is not to be held responsible for any injuries or damages caused to you or to third party including their property, by your act.


Flag signs

Blue flag:
This flag is shown to drivers when a faster driver is approaching them and trying to over take. Only lapped cars have to give way to a faster driver, if after being shown three blue flags they have still not done so they risk being penalised.

Yellow flag:

This is shown to drivers to warn them to slow down and not to over take other cars because there is a dangerous situation ahead. If two of these flags are waved the drivers must prepare to stop racing if necessary.

Green flag:
Track is clear and it is now allowed to overtake. Adapt to race pace safely.

Black flag:
This flag is shown to a driver to tell him to enter the pits immediately. This is probably an indication that he has broken the rules and may be disqualified!

Red flag:
This is waved to signal the race has been stopped due to poor conditions making driving dangerous, or because of an accident where a damaged vehicle is lying in a dangerous position for other drivers.

Checkered Flag:
This flag is waved to signal the end of the race as the winning driver crosses the finish line! This flag continues to be waved to each car finishing behind the winner.